Quantum-Touch® Workshops

Quantum-touch therapy is an innate skill that can be learned by everyone at any age. As we are aware, Quantum-Touch therapy is a hardwired blessing, using skills we were born with but needed some simple instructions and a little confidence to be a highly proficient energy worker. Quantum-Touch therapy Level I training is a 2-day event, with amazing results beginning during the very first morning of the weekend.

Students come to this work from all walks of life: physicians, teachers, Reiki Masters, nurses, high tech specialists, electricians, psychologists, athletes, massage therapists, and from all age groups. It is a real treat to offer this work to youngsters ranging in age from 11 years to 83 years. Children and their parents learning the techniques together have an opportunity to bond in a very special way as children are naturals at this work and don’t really need to learn at all, it seems as if they have always known how to do Quantum-Touch, they simply needed someone to coach them on the techniques. They really do love to be able to help their parents and their friends to eliminate pain from their bodies.

Quantum-Touch therapy training experiences are light hearted, simple, very low tech and highly rewarding. Time is spent raising awareness, focusing on breathing, and using meditative techniques to move energy through their bodies. Simply by focusing on the breath and the moving of energy through the body, change begins to happen, and when the connection is made to another, miracles occur naturally, simply and regularly.

During the initial morning, the first steps in breath work and energy moving techniques are the focus. During the afternoon, we expand the breath work and focusing aspects of the work, and students are able to feel differences when the amplification techniques are introduced. Astonishment and pleasure are experienced when the increased intensity is felt and the uninitiated experience the power within their hands as they work with resonance and entrainment for the first time. Students practice working with each other, learn about working with their pets, experiment with the impact of energizing water and wine, and learn about the effect of sound vibration on the energy healing modality. We work with sound in the form of toning, eliciting much funny bone experiences, as a bit of shyness and persistence, generates the influence of sound upon the experience.

The Quantum-Touch therapy Level I, two-day workshop ends all too soon and the bonding that has occurred between participants will continue during the Healing Circle gatherings held monthly and available for their participation. Aileen as the first instructor in Canada has been teaching since June 2004 and continues to offer this training 8 to 10 times each year to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn this powerful work.