Quantum-Touch® Clients

Athletics, stressors, and those seeking higher levels of wellness and creativity are currently attracted to the experience of Quantum-Touch therapy at Aileen’s Oasis. Generally between the ages of 35 and 65 years, and mostly female, younger clients wanting to increase physical performance, improve physical and emotional stamina as well as those wanting to improve flexibility are discovering the benefits of hands-on healing work in the form of Quantum-Touch therapy. Automobile accidents and injuries suffered during team sports events have created damage in the body of clients that responds quickly and effectively to the type of work offered at Aileen’s Oasis.

Stress related conditions appear in many different forms. The most common condition is that of tension held deeply in the body. Clients report problems getting a good nights’ rest, having low energy, dealing with painful joints and difficulty concentrating. It is not unusual for a new client to go into a deeply relaxed state shortly after settling onto the massage table where sessions are take place. Following this period of relaxation, they generally experience an enhanced sense of well-being, and increased energy. Several sessions later, it is quite common for clients to report having improved sleep, increased interest in activities as well as in diet. Life seems to offer more choices and greater flexibility as the series of session comes to a close at 8 or 10 visits.

Clients involved in athletic activities either casually or professionally, happily discover that restrictions to flexibility from either old injuries or misalignments in the body are removed and improved with Quantum-Touch therapy. A common experience amongst this group of clients is improvement in performance from increased strength and stamina without added effort or strain. It is a joyful experience all around to receive reports of improvement in performance without the added risk of injury, for as impediments to freedom of movement are removed organically, the body become stronger and more flexible, balance and intuition are enhanced.

Joy, high-level wellness, increased creativity and more energy seem to be the ingredients for just having a lot of fun. Often clients get in touch with me who want to have greater joy in their lives. In general they feel well and would like to feel better, to have more energy and to find that something that seems to be missing. Dropping into a deeply relaxed state on the table during a Quantum-Touch therapy session at Aileen’s Oasis, seems to create the environment where letting go and allowing enable results to emerge that would otherwise seem to be totally unbelievable.