Quantum-Touch Therapy Levels I and II in my life

This morning I’m remembering some of my most extraordinary experiences with Quantum-Touch Therapy both as an instructor and as a practitioner, and as a participant. Very first memory was from the workshop in Montreal with Carol (?), in October, 2002, where I became so interested in this wonderfully simply, yet powerful work. That was when I decided that I had to become an instructor, although there were no instructors in Canada, and basically none north of the California, an Colorado borders.

During my last video workshop in the spring of 2003, to finally complete my requirement to be an instructor, I had the delightful experience of having my crooked hips straighten within 5 minutes of my fellow student placing her hands on either side of my hips. I had been gardening the previous day, and my right hip was at least 2 inches higher than the left.

As an instructor and practitioner, I’ve witness the body of my client or student move in various ways, mostly that would have been impossible to consciously move, and to just observe how the body needs to take the action it does in order to go back into the original injury to heal from the inside out. At one memorable workshop, almost everyone had some kind of extraordinary experience, that caused us all the gasp, as often I was concerned that they may fall off their chairs, or fall on the floor, but this just didn’t happen. Their bodies needed to go through some sort of process, and it just did it until it was finished. Whether it was shaking, or moving in some sort of pattern from a standing or sitting position, it was quite incredible to witness.

And then I took the Level II class for the second time, where we had a room with lots of space for movement. Of course with the Level II course, we do the work without our hands, simply by sending the Love Energy from the Heart, and using our Eyes to direct the energy. I was standing about 6 feet in from of my practitioner, and my body began to move as she directed the Heart Energy towards my lower back. My head went forward, and down, in fact until it was almost touching the floor. And then my body began to rotate to the left, to the left so far, that I would not have believed that it could possibly go that far. My eyes could see behind my legs, my body had twisted so far. And then it slowly began to move back to the centre, and then to the right side. It was moving very slowly, securely, and assuredly, and although it was my body, I was still the observer. I was not controlling it, and I was totally certain that I would not fall over, although I could never have consciously moved like this, but it was amazing to be inside my body feeling it do this major twist.

It moved fully to the right side, as it had to the left, until my head was actually behind my right leg, and then is slowly began to move back to the centre, and up to a more upright position. It very slowly returned to standing tall, and as I slowly began to feel that I was again in control of my body, I knew that I had become elongated, or taller, but not as if I’d grown, simply that I’d lost all the restriction in my body, and I could now fully take up the space that was mine in space.

It was an amazing feeling to have my own body go through this experience without anyone touching me, and simply doing the work with the Heart Energy being directed to my body through her eyes.

That’s just some of my remarkable experiences with Quantum-Touch therapy that I was remembering this morning. I have always known that I loved this work, and as I reflect upon my personal experiences, I have no doubt that I’ll continue to love it even more as I work and learn over the years to come. This is a truly blessed and sacred work that will be the healing method of the future, as we become more aware of how powerful our bodies truly are, and how they know precisely what they need to do to be well.
Many blessings, everyone and enjoy your Level II reading..

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