Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I Certificate training

Title: Quantum-Touch Therapy Level I Certificate training
Location: Kitchener
Link out: Click here
Description: Powerful two-day workshop as designed by founder Richard Gordon and presented in Toronto during a Polarity Therapy conference in 1998, and renewed and updated in 2016 with a brand new students manual that is included in the registration fee. We witness amazing results already before lunch on the first day of the training and the experience just gets better over the next day and a half. Students learn to do hands-on sessions as well as to do Distant Healing and to energize their water and their food, their dreams, and aspirations. Seasoned energy workers and novices alike are astonished with the results of their work after just a few short hours. Students attracted to this workshop are creating healing with such injuries as concussions, age-old accident injuries, long held pain,the circumstances of which have long since been forgotten and are applying their skills at the monthly healing circles where they are supervised by a 10-year veteran of Quantum-Touch therapy. Students from the Massage community and the Naturopathic Doctors communities here in Ontario, Canada, will receive 6 CEUs when applying their certificate to their annual requirement. Students are currently being attracted from many others careers where they are dealing with the physical stressors involved in those careers, and see Quantum-Touch therapy training and certification as a viable alternative to their current work. Certainly the healing modality of the future, Quantum-Touch therapy classes have become a necessary training for everyone living at this time in their physical bodies.
Start Date: 2017-08-19
Start Time: 9:00
End Date: 2017-08-20
End Time: 17:00

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