Quantum-Touch Therapy and working with Plants.

Bougainvillia finding its way to perfect health...  That's how energy healing works.I have loved gardening since I was a tot, growing up on a farm with my parents and older siblings. I didn’t truly understand what gardening meant in those early days, I just knew that seed went into the ground, and later little sprouts began to push through the ground, and eventually, we would go to the garden to pull onions, or to pick tomatoes, or the pull off a cob or corn. Of course, there were the strawberries, mostly wild ones which were smaller and sweeter, but they didn’t grow in the garden, they were found in the fields, particularly in the places where the cows grazed.

Since I’ve been living in my current home, and working with Quantum-Touch Therapy in this house, seeing regular clients, teaching regular classes, as well as running energy basically all the time, I’m discovering that I have a garden with plants that just grow amazingly well. We’ve had a really good growing season this year, but my plants have been loving it here since the beginning, and I’m even more surprised a some of the amazing growth I witness.

This is the same process that I witness with my clients. They generally come to see me for a single issue, which is generally a lot of pain in a part of their body. But as you may already know, when we do energy work, the energy goes where it is needed, and therefore, creates a shift in the energy in the entire system (in this case the body), which raises the vibration, and provides the client with increased energy, improved sleep patterns, less pain in the entire body, and in general an enhances outlook on life. All pluses.

When I look at my garden, it reminds me of this positive affect Quantum-Touch therapy has on everything alive. It improves how we humans feel, function, and live, and it also provides a similar affect to animals, and to our plants. I’ve already done the experiment with a large body of water, so I wonder what else I could do to demonstrate how we can use this wonderful modality to change what is happening in our world?

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