Quantum-Touch, NVC, Meditation and Mandalas – Healing Old Emotional Events

Recently,  I’ve spent six to seven months healing old emotional and subsequently physical memories.  As I worked through the old body memories, many that had been buried for more than 60 years,  I knew that I had some great skills that could help me to  process the old hurts in ways that would relieve these from both my emotional and physical bodies.  I’ve received many Quantum-Touch therapy sessions 10 years, and Polarity Therapy, Cranio-Sacral and massage for at least 15 years prior to that, and I continued to receive Quantum-Touch Therapy work.  The most effective session was one when I had almost completed the process, and I was regaining my physical energy I still felt that I was carrying a heavy load around on my back as parts of my back hurt when I was attempting to get back to cleaning and clearing my house.

During the Quantum-Touch session, I could feel the energy in my head, moving through my body, as it cleared the stuckness that had developed in those areas where the pain had been experienced.  The layers of old memory gradually shifted, and my head was now feeling lighter and I could see the new, fresh aspects of my life emerging.  The session was profound, and the practitioner doing the session, was gifted in seeing colours.  She was not aware of the colours of the various chakras, but as she worked each area, she was see the colours shifting and changing until the color of the chakra would emerge, and she could tell by the energy and the colour that that particular part of the body was clear.

During the time spent on the solar plexus and lower abdomen she was aware of very dark colours, and subsequent dark, heavy energy.  She also felt her feet become very much attached to the floor as if she was being more grounded for this time in the session.  As she stayed present to the process, the colours changed from the black she had been seeing, to bright yellow and purple, the energy shifted and cleared, and I felt the lightness overtake my body again.  I knew then, that the old abuse patterns that had been held in the second and third chakras had now been, not only healed, but had been totally cleared from my energy field.  Following that session, I slept like a baby, and have been experiencing increased physical and emotional energy since that session.  I have been also witnessing increased creative energy as I take greater charge of my life and work.  I’m also observing myself taking greater charge of myself, in taking care of my interests and being much more verbal in that self-care than I was previously inclined to do.

Over the months of processing these old memories, I used the NVC Self-Empathy skills as my means of doing a different level of self-healing.  I had memories that went back to earliest days, beginning when I was about 3-1/2 years of age.  As I would remember the fears and other uncomfortable memories from that time, I would sit and contemplate what else I might have been feeling at that time, and what I had needed.  Mostly, I was feeling fear, but sometimes I also recognized that I felt anger, confusion, anguish, sometimes I just felt  lost.  When I looked at the list of feelings, and said the words from the list, I could feel the resonance of those words within my body.  As I found each one, I sit for a few moments just recognizing the feeling within my being, and would then turn over the page, and ask what I needed when I felt each feeling.  As I read each word on the ‘NEEDS’ side of the page, I would again feel the resonance when I hit the one that most fit what I needed.  Mostly I could feel strongly when I read, for instance the words “COMPASSION” or “EMPATHY”.  The next step was for me to  make a request of myself in order to meet those needs, as now I’m doing self-empathy.  I would meet my request by taking a walk, or sitting in the sun, of going out for a long drive, or in any other way I felt appropriate to meet those previously unmet needs.  Sometimes, I would just sat and cried for a while for that little girl who was so confused by what was happening around her.  Then I’d write in my journal, long stories about what had been happening at that time.

The next step I took in this journey of self-healing was to imagine what the adults in my life were feeling and needing during that same time.  That was a very powerful exercise, as it provided me with the compassion and understanding to find deep forgiveness within me for their process of fear, confusion, and the difficult realities in their lives.  Realities that would have seemed at that time to be without resolution, and filled with fear.

This has been an amazing process for me to experience.  I’ve learned so much about the healing process, and how empowering it has been for me to have found my own way through this process.  Not only have I discovered so much about healing in general, but I’ve taken myself through this using intuition and skills that are available to everyone.

As an overlighting part of this process, I offered and participated in a workshop I’d developed over time that I call ‘Meditation and Mandalas’.  This work helped all of us involved in this three month process, to tap into the deep subconscious with various meditative practices, and to observe how it is possible for this material to be presented in the magical or the sacred circle, that creates an image that represents what is deeply hidden and ready to emerge.  Those participating in this process have continued to create these images long after the workshop ended.  Another life healing skill that is powerful, self-healing and hugely empowering.

I continue to be more and more grateful for the processes I have learned,  mostly from others, but in some ways, I’ve put this material together in ways that are unique to me and to my clients as we create unique sessions based on the need of each individual client at the moment of their session.


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