Meditation And Mandalas

Meditation in the west has been used primarily as a means of providing relaxation for the reduction of tension increasingly experienced due to our lifestyle and work pressures. Many people are drawn to meditation to reduce hypertension and other life threatening conditions. Meditation classes are being offered in all our communities as a recognizable attribute for high level functioning and rational decision making. Few of us have considered the long term benefits of meditation.

When we regularly practice deep meditation over long periods we can access a deeper knowledge as we experience altered states of consciousness. How to capture information as we tap into these deeper states and bring it back to the conscious mind has always been a challenge, as this information can greatly improve our everyday lives, and can provides great insight.

Artists and movie producers have used dreams and meditation as part of their creative process. Planting the seed of the question at either the beginning of their meditation, or before entering into the sleep state has provided many creative people with a unique access to images and scene sets from the deep recesses of the unconscious mind. This has been done using a variety of tools.

During this unique workshop based upon the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard, we will gain information and insight into the shifts that are taking place within all human beings during these planetary shift that are occurring as we move closer and closer to the 2012 date. It is recognized in many fields of study that we will be vastly different from where we are now, and unrecognizable from the beings we were a decade ago. We will learn to take our meditation deeper and to work with the information we receive in that deep state.

Meditation has been tested over time and proven to reduce heart rate, increase blood flow to the brain, increase serotonin metabolite (indicating rest and relaxation) slow the physiological signs of aging, improve school grades, decrease depression, hostility and increase self-esteem, tolerance, and flexibility.  These are just some of the benefits of meditation.

While in this altered state of meditation, participants in the workshop will then take the mandala materials, create the circle with a marker, pencil, or whatever tool presents itself to the student, and then proceed to create an image.  The image is basically created from the subconscious and may not appear to represent anything at all upon initial examination.  The time for drawing the mandala will be at least 30 minutes, as colours may layer themselves upon  layer in the drawing.  When the drawing has been completed, and all pieces of art are resting on the floor, participants will sit back quietly and take some time to observe their creation.  When the bell has been sounded, each person in turn will speak to their creation.  We will begin with how they are feeling upon completion of their project, and then how they feel and what they see when they regard their piece of art.

After everyone has had their turn and there are no more comments upon their personal creations, others then may be invited to comment on what they see when they observe each creation.  There is a feedback mechanism whereby students are asked to write about what has happened during the meditation and mandala creation time.  At the end of each class, students are invited to journal about their experiences, and perhaps to share that exercise with the class during the next evening.

I will offer this 12 week workshop beginning on Tuesday, February , 4th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. until April 22nd, 2014.  This is a self-therapy, self-healing process, used by such therapists as Carl Jung, famous Swiss psychiatrist, Bernie Siegel, M.D. well known oncologist, and author of Love, Medicine & Miracles.