Parts II & III Self-Healing and Clearing

We are becoming more sophisticated as we work with the techniques and processes from the Creating Healthy Boundaries in Part I of this series. We feel more energetic, and creative and life moves along more efficiently, however, we are now aware that we seem to have old memories, or beliefs, or relationships that are not servicing as we would have preferred. Many clients will spend time in therapy, and although this works to keep them on track, there often seems to be a niggling feeling of not really getting into the heart of the matter. This feeling may be experienced as just wanting to do more clearing. To place this concept in a household context, after you have done the spring cleaning, you feel that there is more to be done, and you begin cleaning all the closets, the basement, and then the garage. You may even consider beginning renovations to create everything new and shining without any of the old baggage. This is how I would characterize the opportunity for change as presented in Parts II and III of the Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space.

From conception until today, everyone of us has been absorbing the attitudes, agreements, feelings, and emotions of those around us. Many of us spend our entire lives living through the eyes of our families, and communities. Without having an opportunity to examine our lives through different eyes, we make our choices based upon what has come before. Even illness and physical conditions may be considered to be normal and natural for us, because everyone in our family has experienced the same phenomena, so we do not question. We have made psychic agreements with those who have lives before us, and we follow these agreements until something happens to cause us to question.

At this time on the planet, things are happening to cause everyone to question. As I watched in amazement with the rest of the world, the uprising in the middle eastern countries where oppression had been the norm for many years, I realized how important it was for all of us to have an opportunity to throw off the oppression handed down from previous generations. We have now, the opportunity to shed these old ideas that are no longer relevant in our time, and to begin to live our lives through our own eyes, to earn a living doing what really appeals to us, using the skills and gifts that are unique to us and relevant at this moment in history.

Parts II and III of Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space are workshops providing simple tools, easy techniques to assist us in discovering the patterns we are carrying from the past, the psychic agreements made with our ancestors, and the contracts perhaps made with parents as very young children. Even contracts made with our cultural communities can be examined and a decision made as to the relevance of those contracts in the context of life in 2011.