Part I – Creating Healthy Boundaries

Most of you will recognize the feelings that you have experienced when you enter a room where a disagreement has recently taken place, and you can get a sense of something not quite right in that room. Similarly, you may also recognize the situation of feeling really great before getting on the bus to go to work, or entering your place of work, and suddenly realize that the feelings have changed and that you are now feeling very tired, maybe unhappy, or angry or even depressed for no known reason. If you spend your day seeing clients, you may discover that with particular individuals you feel wonderful following the session, and with others you feel something quite different, perhaps exhausted. On the other side of these encounters may be that when you feel tired and unsettled, it is not unusual for your client, or your friend, to feel really great. If you recognize this as something that happens to you on a regular basis with certain individuals, or certain places, you may want to look at what may be happening, and to learn some techniques to prevent this aspect of your interaction.

Recently, those of us working closely with our clients as energy workers, have become very aware of this phenomena and have searched for ways to deal with what we recognize is a transference of energy, or what in Quantum-Touch therapy we refer to as entrainment. When we enter a space or are in the company of those who are either feeling unwell, or lacking in energy, or tend to take a negative view of situations, we often take on these feelings and attitudes and leave the encounter feeling drained and possibly unwell.

This workshop is designed for those whose work brings them into close proximity with their clients, or colleagues. During the hours they spend together, participants will learn how to use simple energy management techniques to prevent energy transfer during their empathic interactions, how to maintain their psychic or energetic space in uncomfortable or intimidating situations, how to maintain their own energy field without being affected by external situations, how to maintain their energy vibration and to be more confident and composed during disagreements or unwelcome encounters.

Participants will also learn how to clear their field as well as to do energy cleansing and to create a benevolent and loving vibration in their homes, workplaces, automobile, airplane, or hotel room if you are traveling or on vacation.

This workshop has also proven to be beneficial to those experiencing not only energetic negativity, but also environmental sensitivities. Other benefits include increased confidence in all situations, improved creativity, and awareness of options. Children also benefit greatly from this work and are able to clear their fields from any anger or unpleasantness experienced at home or in their caregiver situations.