Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space

Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space, Parts I, II and III are a series of workshops designed for this time as we experience unprecedented change in our lives and witness shifts in the physical world around us that creates intense feelings of unease. We are living at a time that has been called ‘The Time of the Great Turning’ or “The Time of No time”. In these physical bodies it may simply feel like that there is just not enough time. We feel rushed, everything needs to be done yesterday and we seem to be running all the time just to keep up. Remember the expression “The faster I go, the behinder, I get”.

We are living in amazing physical bodies that are part of an energetic system. Those of you aware of the energetic aspect of your physical body, will have noticed the very personal impact of the many changes taking place both in connection to the planet, as well as our connections within our communities. The vibration of the planet is increasing and the magnetics are decreasing, which is the basic cause of the changes in climate and the massive storms we are witnessing, as the planet shakes off and clears the destruction and all negative history. The vibration rate of our individual systems need to increase to maintain our synchronicity with that of planet Earth. Of course, it is happening quite naturally, but it can be quite unpleasant until we find ways to be proactive in taking steps for shaking off and clearing our emotional, and spiritual memories to enhance the speed and efficiency of that clearing.

If we are keenly aware of the energy surrounding us and the impact of our surroundings in the form of friends, relatives, clients, activities, buildings, and even thoughtforms, published materials, and memories we will recognize the validity of my words when I suggest that you can feel the energy of others. And, you will understand the need to manage the impact upon your energy body when interacting with your world. Developing effective strategies and processes for creating sacred space and healthy boundaries tends to enable healthier individual movement and interactions. When we are not aware of the subtle affect of the energy of others upon us, we entrain to that energy, and can experience fatigue, physical and emotional pain, and even illness.

Processing through the one-day series of Grounding workshops provides an opportunity for developing a toolbox of simple, easy to learn and apply strategies for dealing with all situations in healthy, beneficial ways for all concerned.