Journal Writing

Journal writing is often used as a means of tracking events and emotions during a journey, a time of crisis or major transition. These events are often accompanied by deep feelings such as loss, pain, grief, confusion, anger, fear, and insecurity. Journal writing can be extremely helpful as a means of sorting out life experiences and feelings which seem overwhelming.

Journal writing can be beneficial at other times as part of a personal exploration. It can always be a place to express joy, excitement, creative ideas as well as being a place of refugee in the storm.

Different types of journal writing will be explored and the appropriate model can be used for a particular event, or time in our lives. For some, a journal is a daily recording of facts maintaining a record for something like a vacation, or a precise event that takes over a limited time frame. Another model of journaling is appropriate to recording feelings and events during a time of grief, or illness when it seemed necessary to record progress or a process over a timeframe that may be unlimited or take place over several years.

Journaling may also be recommended as part of a therapy program that provides an outlet for understanding where we are emotionally at specific times throughout the day. Journals can be used to write about feelings, to draw or use images that are cut from magazines or other publications to help with the expression of where we are at any particular time.

Another model of journal writing that can be very helpful in maintaining a record of our life direction is one in which we have various sections to our journal and the main body of the journal is analyzed and broken out into specialized sections that then expands on the highlighted events, realizations, opinions, or whatever else is attractive and important for us to maintain.

Journals can be places for our art, our inspirations, can act as our therapist, and the place where we can keep in absolute privacy our deepest thoughts, fears, and dreams. Journals are safe and provide a record of where we are at any time and the opportunity for us to go back and to retrieve any part of us that may have been lost track of as we went along. It provides an archive that we may want to maintain and retain over our life time.

During this workshop we will explore various types of journal writing as we experience the art of daily recording, in a meaningful way, the events of our lives, the realizations, awarenesses, emerging goals and creative issues