Today, I’m pondering the changes I’ve encountered as I worked my way through the ACE – Agents for Conscious Evolution training with Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Shift Network…….Stephen, Devaa, Robin and Jeffrey. I had already wanted to begin to work with others in the context of meditation and becoming a Universal Human as a result of the the training involved with Barbara in 2007-2008 in the course called Gateway, intermixed with my visit to and a 4 – week training at the Findhorn Foundation in Eco-Village Design. The work with Barbara in the Gateway touched upon the spiritual and esoteric aspect of moving forward towards 2012, whereas the training at Findhorn was mainly about the physical aspect of moving forward, physical meaning how we move into living in community peacefully with consideration for one another and the planet. We learned about the need to have agreements before taking action, and those agreements will occur generally by use of a consensus decisionmaking model. We learned about housing materials and processes in building that are more in keeping with the environment and the use of less energy, and other interference with our physical environment. An enlightened use of materials, growing our food without the use of chemicals using a method called perma-culture, managing our waste water and using less water during cleaning, washing ourselves and our clothing and dishes, provided for me a look back at an earlier time in my life, as well as great ideas and inspiration to moving forward in my current community and any future communities where I may choose to live, particularly intentional or eco communities. At this moment, I use some of the techniques I learned during that time, reduced use of water as well as composting and water barrels for watering plants.

I look forward to moving forward and offering gatherings for groups using the VISTAR method for Co-Creating the Evolutionary Shift and Conscious Evolution.

Anyone interested in becoming involved can get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to discuss this with them.