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Quantum-Touch Therapy Classes and what happens

What a wonderful day spent sharing Quantum-Touch to a brilliant class. They learned the breathing really quickly, and were doing body sweeps immediately, so when they did their first sessions, the results were right there, with a shoulder reorganizing itself and then an ankle pain reducing during that first session. Also, a bump in the […]

Quantum-Touch Therapy classes and Future Plans

Preparing to teach this weekend, as well as working on ways to do community building in the Quantum-Touch community, initially with instructors in Eastern Canada, and then with Practitioners in Eastern Canada. Thinking about a Mastermind Group, and possibly training for facilitation of Mastermind Groups. These groups certainly assist Practice Builders in developing their practices, […]

Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space – Part I

Title: Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space – Part ILocation: Aileen’s OasosLink out: Click hereDescription: Creating Healthy Boundaries – A workshop for everyone who has ever been affected by the energy of another. This workshop is essential for energy workers, massage therapists, social workers, teachers, students, law enforcement personnel, parents, lawyers, and family […]

Introduction to Polarity Therapy

Title: Introduction to Polarity Therapy Location: Aileen’s OasisLink out: Click hereDescription: On this first day of training Polarity Therapy Introduction we will learn the background of Dr. Randolfe Stone and his journey from 1900 until 1950 when he began to put his understandings and discoveries into writing. We will begin to learn the theory of […]

New Year’s Eve – Reflections and Perspectives

Title: New Year’s Eve – Reflections and PerspectivesLocation: Aileen’s OasisLink out: Click hereDescription: As a way to bring and end to the year 2016, and begin 2017 we will meet at 6:00 pm and spend some time sharing and in meditation creating an environment where we can reflect and begin to create the visions of […]