Archive | October, 2016

Working with Quantum-Touch Therapy in my practice

I continue to marvel at this wonderful work I do every day. I’m sitting here today, preparing my house for the re-certifying training that will take place here next Wednesday, and I’m thinking about the 2 clients I worked with yesterday. One was seeing me for the first time, and was amazed at how relaxed […]

Quantum-Touch Therapy and the results I witness as the system entrains to the higher vibration

This morning I’m simply contemplating the results I see in my clients when i place my hands upon their bodies and witness the manner in which their systems create wellness. For instance, since we do not treat conditions, nor healing anything, we simply hold the space for the body to heal itself, I’m aware of […]

Quantum-Touch Therapy and the future in Canada

Looking forward to my future with Quantum-Touch therapy. I’m participating in the Clinical Trials, and planning to bring this modality across this country, from coast, to coast, and coast. Getting in touch with contacts on the east coast, and going to bring this training to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland this winter, and […]