Welcome to Aileen’s Oasis, where healing happens.

We welcome you to an environment where wellbeing, inspiration, joy, empowerment and harmony are the focus of our work. We work with clients at the individual level, in the immediate community and the greater world.

Clients discover the joy of releasing tension and experiencing a renewed sense of wellbeing, where physical and emotional restrictions melt away as inspiration, high physical and emotional energy become the normal way of being, and where peace and harmony are present in every moment. Our focus is on energizing and rejuvenating your entire life, creating resiliency and optimism which creates a body where the results of age and stressors are no longer evident, where joyful anticipation and creativity become the way you look forward to each day from that first moment of awakening.

Coming from a place where we understand that attitudes affect DNA and where relaxation and the state of contemplation deeply affect our brain, we offer personal services in the form of hands-on energy work and life coaching, as well as the possibility of participating in group work in workshops where clients can explore various ways of being to support the possibility of renewal, rejuvenation, enhanced wellbeing, creativity, improved sleep patterns, personal relationships in their families, their neighbourhoods, and their places of work.

At Aileen’s Oasis, we provide a safe and comfortable environment with a view of the garden in a quiet tree-lined community where our clients can experience their potential for healthy and fulfilled lives.

Biography of Aileen McKenna

in Ottawa at 613-228-2272, cell at 613-795-3751
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or you can check out her website at aileensoasis.com.

AileenMcKennaresized_23September2009-25Aileen McKenna is a Holistic Wellness Coach using a variety of energy healing techniques, particularly Quantum-Touch® therapy and Empathic Coaching  techniques, to work with clients who present with a variety of conditions. Currently, Aileen’s practice is focused on clients who have endured head and spinal injuries usually from sports injuries or automobile accidents.  Both clients and practitioner rejoice in the high level of wellness experienced in a very short time with Aileen’s work.

In 2004 Aileen was certified as the first Quantum-Touch therapy instructor in Canada. Since that date she has taught several hundred students and has worked with hundreds of clients. After her discovery of energy work in Switzerland in 1988, she completed studies at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in Swedish massage and Aromatherapy, and in 1993-94 and 1996-97 Aileen studied Polarity therapy in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. In 1996-97 she also studied Pranic Healing and became a certified aromatherapist. In 2001-2002 she travelled to Toronto to complete 750 hours of Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy. In 2002 Aileen discovered Quantum-Touch Therapy and knew that her search for the ideal modality to meet her desire for an energy healing model that could be easily taught and highly effective was over. Aileen is a Certified Facilitator of Small Groups and of Open Space Technology, and she facilitates Compassionate Communication practice groups, Meditation and Mandala workshops as well as Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space Parts I, II and III.

Aileen discovered energy healing when attempting to recover from a repetitive strain injury related to over-exercising while living and working in an international organization in Geneva, Switzerland in 1988. Following 7 days in the high mountains, climbing ice walls and negotiating ladders in the high alps, and then a weekend of jumping over more crevasses, she developed bursitis in her left hip. This issue developed in an area damaged in an automobile/bus accident when Aileen was 10 years old, and had not been diagnosed, nor treated. Following the incident in Switzerland, Aileen received 18 sessions of physiotherapy, and a series of anti-inflammatories. When it was discovered that the medication was causing gastro-intestinal bleeding, Aileen found an alternative therapist who treated her with gentle manipulation and energy movement, resulting in a total removal of the problem and accompanying pain with just a few sessions. That was the beginning of her journey in energy healing.

Aileen followed studies in the CMA (certified management accountant) program in 1982 – 1985 while working with the Canadian government as an accountant. Aileen moved to Switzerland 1986 where she spent some years working as an accountant and internal auditor in several international organizations. She also attended university in Geneva, Switzerland where she majored in management and psychology with special concentration on Refugee Studies. After discovering the benefits of energy healing in the treatment of physical injuries, she decided to learn more about this work. When she returned to Canada in 1991, she began part time studies in 1992 continuing to learn more and more modalities, searching for the one that she would feel comfortable teaching to benefit the most people. In 2002, after taking classes involving travel and completion of more than 2000 hours of study and practice, she discovered Richard Gordon’s Quantum-Touch therapy, easy to learn, and highly powerful. The skills developed as an accountant and auditor, in terms of analysis, problem solving, seeking balance and alignment, are all highly relevant in the work done through hands-on energy healing.

In the early 1970’s following the birth of her seventh child, Aileen studied meditation and yoga as a means of dealing with high levels of stress. Before taking classes and studying with experts, Aileen did yoga each evening from the work of Richard Hittleman, and practiced meditation from a book on Transcendental Meditation while travelling to and from her workplace for one hour each way on the bus.

Since 2004, Aileen has taught hundreds of students the Quantum-Touch techniques who become highly sensitive practitioners. In her private practice where she sees 10 to 15 clients each week, she works with people experiencing such conditions as joint and back pain, headache, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. Her clients are seeking increased physical energy, flexibility, stamina, endurance, strength, and a greater experience of joy and high level wellness, pain-free and with clarity, inspiration, and tolerance. High levels of satisfaction and unbelievable results have become the norm for those experiencing the style of energy healing with Aileen at Aileen’s Oasis.

Aileen can be reached in Ottawa at 613-228-2272, on her cell phone at 613-795-3751
Out of town clients can reach Aileen on her toll free line at 1-866-493-0236 or by e-mail at email hidden; JavaScript is required or you can check out her website at aileensoasis.com.